Here is what people are saying about Yellow Compass Supercars:

We’ve helped hundreds of people get the car of their dreams.  Whether it’s your first or fifteenth, we treat every client like family.  It’s simply the right way to do it.


Thanks Michael and Kevin!

I bought an f355 from Michael. I did what many here recommend against. I bought it sight unseen based on my intuition that Mike was a trustworthy guy. Well, he is and the car was exactly as billed. I’ve had it a year and it brings joy every time I look at it or drive it. A great experience! Thanks Michael and Kevin!


One of my dreams…

One of my dreams made a reality by Mike and the Yellow Compass Group…

Brian E.

My confidence in Michael was 100%

Kudo’s to my BFF Michael Craig
My confidence in Michael was 100% from the moment I pulled up to his showroom till the time i asked him to locate my cars complete service history.
He was there 100%. And came through with everything, even a factory looking Ferrari pit crew jacket for my son and myself.
Not to mention this platinum level gated 355 GTS
I now refer to Michael as ” brotha ! “


He found me a beautiful, low-mileage McLaren…

I just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone my experience with Yellow Compass and more specifically Mike. First of all I have never met anyone with the passion for the Ferrari brand as Mike. I thought I was a Ferrari fanatic until I met him. He is truly a first class fanatic. But Mike also has other connections for other brands as well. Not only has he helped me buy and sell Ferraris he found me a beautiful, low mileage Mclaren for a great price within two days of mentioning it to him. Once you meet Mike you’ll understand his passion and you’ll feel like family. So in closing I just wanted to thank Yellow Compass and Mike for finding me such an awesome car and for the hospitality. I will definitely be contacting Mike when I’m ready for next toy.

Joe B.

I can’t thank Mike enough for his professionalism…

I’ve finally reached the point where I’m able to take the Ferrari plunge. I started visiting dealers and searching on-line to find the car of my dreams. It didn’t take long for frustration to set in. Time is limited and finding my perfect car was even more challenging. Fortunately a friend introduced me to Mike. With-in days, with no effort on my part, Mike found me a low miles 458 spyder with the color scheme and all the options I dreamed of. He brokered a very fair deal for both parties and took care of everything. The whole experience was more simple and amazing than I could have ever hoped for. Delivery day is only 3 days away and my excitement is tremendous. I can’t thank Mike enough for his professionalism, skill and attention to detail. You’ve earned my utmost respect and strongest referral. THANK YOU!

Phil Echo

Just took delivery

Just took delivery of my TDF Blue 430 from Mike on Monday!

This man is honest, reliable, and straightforward. I look forward to buying from him again.


Mike helped me find my dream.

Hey all,

Mike helped me find my dream. A 2007 F430… Ow my gawd, This thing is even better in person and to drive than I could have dreamed of.

I will post more pics and stuff, but do let me note. If you are looking for your first F-car or your 12th, Mike can help. He is the man.

He walked me though the whole process. Got everything arranged and even kept up with calls and updates. Hell I talked to him one night and it was around 1am his time…. hahah

Thanks again Mikey,

Paul Williams

You presented the car exactly as it was…

Thanks Mike for all your help on my latest aquision. You presented the car exactly as it was and you know that I am very particular with condition and quality. No time wasted deal made in 2 hours…Everything was there just as described and I am very pleased. See u soon!!!!


I’ve always dreamed of a Ferrari…

Hey guys,

I just want to share my experience with Mike at Yellow Compass

To start, I’m a hardcore gear head. I’ve worked in body shops, and restored vintage cars since I was about 15. I’ve always dreamed of a Ferrari, but never think that I’d make the cash to do so.

A few years later, I was in medical school, then residency, and would frequent the forums here, as well as the Aston and lotus forums to motivate me to complete the difficult and demanding training I needed to start really seeing patients.

Finally, a couple years after becoming a board certified MD, the idea of going exotic is finally coming close to fruition

I finally joined the various message board and began to do some research on what I could afford, and what I really desired.

After looking around, I decided that the F430 was right for me. It’s fast, sounds great, and doesn’t have the scare maintenance of some cars.

I’ve found multiple local cars, out were OK, none really did it for me.

After looking on the boards, I reached out to Mike at Yellow Compass. He’s been a stand up guy, and didn’t bull**** me on anything.

Knowing the car, the color, and the location, I decided to check it out. Going out there, Mike has been awesome. He picked us up from the airport in New Jersey, took us to an awesome breakfast, and then brought us to his shop where he didn’t just offer to drive the car I wanted, but anything he had sitting there.

We had fun, we chatted, our wife made friends. This man turned a purchase into a relationship.

Afterwards, he insisted on getting me a great glass of iced tea and some legit bagels to bring home, even while he drove me back to my hotel in manhattan.

Soon after, I had fallen in love and we decided to buy the car. Mike assisted with finding financing and arranging for the cars transport home (as well as insisting that he give us some cool goodies).

From the time I have come home, across the country, to finializing everythinng, Mike has done everything to assure this is a smooth process, and that I am happy with the transaction.

He’s called me multple times to make sure he is suiting my every need. More than any other seller I’ve worked with.

Mikes your guy, especially for your first Ferrari, and he’s got me hooked on these cars.


Mike is the ONLY way to go.

If you’re considering getting your first F car, Mike is the ONLY way to go. Will post again here in further detail about the experience, but just let me say briefly that my colleague and I bought gated 360’s at about the same time. I from Mike at Yellow Compass, and he from a Ferrari dealer, and the experiences couldn’t have been more different…

Mike literally treats you like family, and as I was going through my purchase process, my colleague couldn’t believe what he was hearing, specifically about how well I was being treated even WEEKS after the transaction when I had questions or concerns about the car…



A huge thanks to Michael at Yellow Compass and Lon Mandel for working with me to get this done. Ever since I was a young boy, my love of cars has been insane. I’m a huge Ferrari fan and can remember the days when I had my F40 and 959 posters hanging up in my room. Thankfully I have had the opportunity to own some cool cars and finally the reality of being able to afford and Fcar set in. I tried to do my own research and if you are like me, there are opinions from experts as well as opinions from those that have no business giving them. I stumbled upon fchat and as a result began to learn about Yellow Compass.

I looked back at my emails and saw that I first contacted Michael on 7/10/2017 with general questions about wanting a 360 and a 430. He immediately responded and made me feel really comfortable about being able to ask questions that a seasoned Ferrari veteran would already know. It’s somewhat of a daunting task to learn about these cars and hard to find someone that would be honest about what to look for in a vehicle. Ordinary sales people will tell you anything to move a unit that they have in inventory. Michael is totally different. He is down to earth and has his network of people that own these cars and rely on him to match a buyer with them as a seller. I passed on 2 cars early on b/c of a pending sale of our business and when the time was right, I told him that I was ready to pull the trigger. We went back and forth on different vehicles and colors and he never pressured me to choose something that I did not like. He had black, silver, yellow, etc. I told him that I really loved blue but could also do red as this is the most desirable color.

Did I get a PPI and fly down to see the car and drive it? NO. After multiple upon multiple conversations with Michael, I grew to trust him that if he vouched for a car, it would be everything he said it would be. You have to build trust to make a purchase like this sight unseen. Michael brokered the deal and I worked with him and Lon directly to get money transferred, the shipping set up, and had any and all questions answered. But the real joy of the transaction is that both Lon and Michael have followed up everyday since to see how things were going and to really share my joy in purchasing my first Ferrari. Also, they have encouraged me to call them with any and all questions that i might have in relation to the operation of the vehicle. What a beautiful and seamless transaction and I would like to publicly thank Lon and Michael for a first class experience.

He is a true enthusiast and will not steer you wrong. He’s said it before, and you get what you pay for. Listen to him. You will NOT be disappointed!!! I LOVE MY NEW CAR!!!!!!!


Very responsive and knowledgeable during the process.

I recently bought 2 Ferrari’s in one transaction from Michael and I found him very responsive and knowledgeable during the process. It was a very easy, stress-free buying experience and I can recommend purchasing from Michael without hesitation. Thanks Michael–keep out the good work!


I am a multi car Ferrari owner!!

Preach it Brotha! Michael is great and I cannot thank him enough for his opinion, leads and insight. You just know when someone is shooting straight and for a guy I have never met but talked with by phone and chatted online, I cannot say enough about the good.

I have achieved something I did not think was a reality and with GODS help and Yellow Compass, I am a multi car Ferrari owner!! Cheers!! 


Mike Responded Almost Immediately…

I am pretty new to this forum, and was recently in the market for a 458 spider. I reached out to a couple of the more seasoned vets directly and Mike responded almost immediately. After just a few calls and texts, it was easy to recognize Mike as an invaluable resource and a wealth of knowledge. I had some specific parameters of what i wanted and had some unusual circumstances with my finances, these did not dissuade mike from helping as much as he could. I probably talked to him 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks straight, with his guidance and advice, i think i was able to dodge a couple potential bullets, and even though i did not buy a car through him, he was sincerely happy that i was able to find the car i wanted. I would not hesitate for an instant to call him regarding my next purchase, or to refer him to a friend of mine, or even just to shoot the breeze. FWIW, i bought a 2013 458 spider w 5500 miles on it, pics to come.


I recently had Mike help me find and purchase an F430…

I recently had Mike help me find and purchase an F430. First thing you should know, he will treat you like family. Not like in-law family, but like a brother. He will always take the time to talk to you and answer every question you have. Speaking of answering questions, Mike knows his Ferrari’s…and if he doesn’t know something, he will get one of his contacts on the phone with you that does. He is an absolute wealth of information! Most of the cars that Mike sells are not actually for sale. Let me explain: after talking with Mike about what you are looking for, he will work his contacts to find the car you’re looking for from someone willing to sell it. He knows the people that seriously take care of their cars so he knows you will not be disappointed if purchasing sight unseen. Mike is a no BS guy. He will not hit you with hard sales tactics and will be honest to a fault. If he tells you he is going to do something, it’s going to get done. You can tell he loves what he does, he truly has a passion for Ferrari’s.

After you purchase your new Ferrari and it’s sitting in your garage, Mike does not just disappear. In fact, he will be calling you to make sure everything is great…if there are any problems at all, he takes it upon himself to make everything right. I can’t stress this enough, he’s not happy until you’re 100% happy. That’s not just a saying for him, that’s just the way he is.

If you’re thinking about buying a Ferrari, just give Mike a call. The call won’t cost you a thing and he may just find that one car you’re looking for. You will have a new Ferrari and a new friend for life.

Jeff Huguenard

Do Yourself A Favor…

Also wanted to give a review of my experience buying a car from Mike. It was nothing less than completely smooth, transparent and extremely helpful. Car was delivered in better than expected condition.

A little while after buying the car, I had some battery issues (my fault) but Mike was there for me along with his master mechanic on conference call immediately (also after business hours). And on more than one occasion. Where else do you get that?

Guys, we all know that buying a Ferrari is a luxury. So congrats to you who have one! I don’t know about you, but I don’t know much about Ferraris other than they are pretty, fast, intoxicating, may get you laid, and more complicated machines than a BMW or Porsche.

With Mike on my team for life, I have the power of knowledge. When something goes wrong I have a lifeline. The best lifeline. His name is Mike.

Do yourself a favor and give him a call. Your only regret may be trying to keep your wife out of the drivers seat and you where you should be.


Happy owner of a 430 M/T
Live the dream!


You won’t find someone as helpful as Mike…

First time Ferrari buyer here as well, Mike helped me ultimately find the 6-speed 360 that was the right car for me. I can honestly say you won’t find someone as helpful as Mike when it comes to navigating the market. Mike never seems to stop working, have a question at 8pm on a Saturday night? Mike is one quick text away. During my search Mike was one of my regular phone calls on my commute into work each day, giving me an update on anything new and telling me to be patient as the right car will come along. He has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and he’s honest about the market, he’ll even give you an no BS outlook on what depreciation you might be looking at over the next few years.

I think there’s people out there that initially bristle at his sometimes all capitalized bombastic posting style. Honestly I was initially one of them. But I can say is that after a few phone calls with Mike you’ll see things differently. He’s straightforward about how he works, he was always open about how the deal works and clear about how he gets paid. He might challenge your thinking and introduce you to other possibilities, but he’ll never pressure you into a car that you don’t want. While there were certainly times that I contemplated settling for an F1, Mike ultimately helped me find patience until the right gated option came along.

I think the best endorsement I can give though is that when I’m ready to find the next car or I’m in the position to have to sell my current one, Mike will be the first phone call I make.


First time Ferrari buyer here…

First time Ferrari buyer here (and longtime fchat lurker learning a ton – thank you). I have been looking at 458s for a couple of years and seriously looking to buy over the last year. I spoke to several different brokers after wasting a lot of time on the dealers. I never understood Mike’s online persona until I spoke to him and that changed everything. We ended up talking 2-3 times every single day over 3 weeks until the deal was done (and have spoken quite a bit since then).

Mike nailed it with the 458 Spider we ended up on. The sale was anything but easy and I am a super particular guy, but Mike worked really really hard to make it happen. Even though his commission was the seller’s responsibility I paid him some for everything he did. He also set me up with his contacts for a PPI and transport. I flew his master tech, Alfonso, in from NJ and he was outstanding. Look forward to working with him on the next car.

You’ve got one life.

I’ve been thinking about buying a Ferrari, pretty much all my life.When my father died last month, I had an awakening. I was living my life all based on fear – everything was about risk management. But when I put my father’s ashes in the wall at the cemetery, I had one thought. YOU CAN’T TAKE ANYTHING WITH YOU.  You’ve got one life. How many times have you heard an old person being interviewed about how they wish they did more when they were younger?

So I decided to do something. I decided to start looking for my first Ferrari. But I was still skeptical about this becoming a reality.I am not a rich person, but I am gainfully employed and able to live in a fairly expensive area of California. I figured it was time to take some of my money off the table and make it work for me – not in terms of investments, financially – but in terms of investing in life.I contacted Mike at Yellow Compass.

To start, he interviewed me… asked me a lot of questions. Questions about budget. Questions about models, colors, features… asked where my priorities are with various options.I told him my first Ferrari would have to be red. He told me he had a blue one that matched every other option but that he would not sell it to me. See… this is the thing. Any salesperson would say – you have to see this blue one… not Mike. He knew it needed to be red and didn’t waste any time trying to talk me into anything else.

Two days later, Mike calls me and tells me he thinks he has the car. Scratch that… he doesn’t *think* he has the car – he *knows* he has the car. He ran through the specs… everything lined up. The price was a little bit higher than I was hoping, but the car came equipped with far more in features and most importantly, it had a very clear history of being maintained.So I decided to buy it. I decided to buy my first Ferrari. A Ferrari that I had never even seen with my own eyes, located on the other side of the country. This went against my entire life of practicing risk management. But I was going to do it – and Mike was a big part of that. I could just tell that Mike had my back on this and would help me see it through.  I told him to tell me about even the slightest sign of wear and tear and was told the car is perfect. I told him I would completely freak out and be pissed off if the car arrived and had issues. He told me I would be happy.So, the truck driver calls me and tells me he’s here. He’s up the street, unloading. My heart started racing. This was really happening.  I’ll never forget the moment I drove up the street and saw my Ferrari sitting there on the street.

– Oh my God. It was mine.
– A childhood dream come true. It is really mine.
– I don’t have to return it. This is not a test drive.
– I’m going to drive this thing home!
– Holy moly, look at how red it is. That’s the most beautiful red I have ever seen in my life.
– Can’t believe I’m about to get in this car and drive it away.
– This is amazing.

Before I jumped in, I took my first real look at the car, inside and out. I could not find a visible thing wrong with it. I bought a 10 year old car and it looked almost brand new. My goodness. How did this work out. I’m such a skeptic. This isn’t supposed to work this way. There has to be something wrong with this car.

The car is incredible.  So, folks, this is my story. This was my dream, and Mike helped me make this happen. This could have very easily been a nightmare instead of a dream – if I had gone my own way and tried to do this on my own.You can do this, too. Mike knows these cars. He’s not a slimy sales guy. He’s in this for you. Making you happy makes him happy.  And this doesn’t stop with the sale. You’ll have a friend in the Ferrari business. He’s there anytime you need him – for information, feedback, anything. Trust me, I have hit this guy at all hours of the day with text messages and he gets back to me every single time.If you’ve been thinking about buying a Ferrari, give Mike a call.  Don’t let life pass you buy. You might miss it.


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